Common Vision Problems in Old Age

One of the things that changes as we get old is our sense of sight. An elderly individual can get various type of eye problem because of certain health reason or because he or she is prone to it. Whatever the cause may be, the main important thing to be done is to simply take care of the eye problem that the elderly individual has and that eye care is given due importance so as to prevent any serious condition that he or she might get into.

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common vision problems in old age. Since tear ducts do not work well unlike when you were younger, the eyes lose moisture making it dry, itchy, turned red, and uncomfortable. However, this kind of situation is often resolved with humidifier or special eye drops that can stimulate tears. If the situation gets more serious, a surgery may be done to cure this kind of eye problem.

Another eye problem of the elderly individuals would be cataracts. It is characterized by cloudy and blurry vision. Elderly individuals who have this type of eye problem could not see clearly specially at night. Their eyes get sensitive to extreme glare of light. Their capability of seeing colors starts to fade out their vision just turn into yellow. Sometimes, they also face the problem of double vision wherein they see many objects together. However, Major improvements in health care such as surgeries have made it possible to make cataracts treatable.

Glaucoma is also considered to be common to elderly individuals. This type of eye
problem is considered to be hereditary and worsens as you get older because the fluid pressure mounts inside the eye and this pressure is harmful for the optic nerve. If not treated properly, it can result to blindness. Since the eye experiences a lot of discomfort and pain during glaucoma, it would be advisable to take medical attention to it as soon as possible.

Presbyopia, which is characterized by the loss of the ability to see clearly small and close objects, is another problem than an elderly individual can experience. This type of eye problem is considered to be a normal process that happens slowly over a lifetime and said to be treated with reading glasses.

A lot of people face these kinds of eye sight problems as they age. However, you can reduce it by keeping track of the changes you experience in your vision, making sure that you protect your eyes from any possible injury, eating healthy foods and seeing your vision specialist consistently.



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